These are Photographs which were taken with our Quad Copter. It is possible to get great pictures with the Quad but its major strength is video. It is possible to get great overviews of a property, locale, or event with video.

We find that most videos should be in the 30-120 second range which means a fair amount of editing after obtaining the video. The editing process is also where ground level, and interior video or still photos can be inserted.

To see videos taken with the Quad-copter click on the Video menu item.


Still Photos Of Residence:
  • $200 plus applicable travel fees

Client gets 10-15 pictures which they can download from our website and use any way they want.

Real Estate Agents -- Contact us for special multiple property rates.


  • $200 to shoot a location.
  • $75/minute of edited video with one minute minimum.

Most video projects are in the $300-380 range

*Please note there are some locations where we cannot fly due to safety, or legal, issues.
Trapp Family LodgeStowe Foliage Arts and Craft ShowHouse on Lake Camplain