Elevated photography and videography are unique ways to show a property, event, or project. The techniques to obtain the images are also unique and, depending on the location, can be demanding. At each location we shoot from different heights, and camera settings to obtain the best possible photographs and/or video for your purpose.

We price our services by estimating the time, effort, and overhead costs for each assignment, not by the number of photographs or minutes of video we take.  With each project a license to use the photographs, or video, for your specific needs is included in the contracted price.

Final product will be delivered in an agreed upon form, typically 
downloaded from our website.  Photographs and video can also be provided on a CD, or USB "thumb drive" for an additional cost.

That said we can give some "Ballpark" values for a typical assignment depending on the equipment we are using and the location.  We are happy to provide written estimates on request.


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